Welcome to Glenhope Agroforestry

Agroforestry is a recognised form of agriculture, which increases the yield on cropping or grazing and produces timber. Another term is silvopasture derived from silva, latin for wood, and pasture (grazing).

Timber is the ONLY low risk and high return investment in existence. For the last 100 years, it has returned an average of 6.5% per year. For every 4 market collapses, timber rises in 3. @2013 current forecast is for surge in log prices over next few years, which would exceed 6.5%.

Improving the quality of our property has been an adventure with many successes and some disappointments. It started in 2001, when we bought the property, which consists of nominal 128ha (320 acres) plus remaining time on a 99 year lease of 3 acres. The Property size of 320 acres is NOMINAL, because it was surveyed as though the terrain is completely flat. As it is undulating with many slopes, few of which are > 30 degrees, the actual surface area is very much more. Since GPS also takes a plan (flat) view, it's only possible to measure the actual area on the ground with a tape measure. Actual surface area becomes significant when you start planting crops e.g. trees as you will need more inputs - ground preparation and seedlings but will harvest a correspondingly higher amount.

Navigate around Glenhope Agroforestry with this Aerial photo (taken early 2010) from the subdivision survey of 2012. Just move your cursor onto the map features like the Lake, various Plantations and you will see the hyper-link symbol, which you can click to access photo galleries showing landscape changes across the years. The twin dotted lines represent powerline easements. The solid black lines show the property and subdivision boundaries, the black squares are survey pegs. Left to Right diagonal lines in plantations show planted areas. LR and RL lines crossed show prepared but unplanted areas. Plantation sizes are in hectares (ha) or square metres (m2). For latest aerial photo of property, see Landscape page. Lot 2 sold July 2015.


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