Forestry Links

Other farm foresters and silvopasturalists.

  • Northern United Forestry Group (NUFG)
  • NUFG focuses on use of Farm Forestry in sustainable agriculture and land rehabilitation in Northern Victoria. Howard Perry has been a member since 2003.

  • John Woodley
  • John runs Farm Forestry Services and has his own magnificent 40ha Farm Forestry farm in Taggerty, North East Victoria.

  • Rowan Reid
  • Rowan is a leading exponent of Farm Forestry in Australia. He co-founded the Australia Master Tree Grower Program, in which Howard Perry participated in 2003 and runs a 40ha Farm Forestry Demo Farm in Bambra, South West Victoria

  • Ben Boxshall
  • . Ben is my primary forestry advisor and silviculturallist.

  • Keith Padbury
  • . Keith has done a lot of work for me since 2007. He contractorhas his own plantations near Mansfield, North East Victoria

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