Our Trees

"Men seldom plant trees till they begin to be wise, that is, till they grow old, and find, by experience, the prudence and necessity of it."
John Evelyn 1664, author of Sylva, or a discourse of forest-trees, and the propagation of timber in His Majesties dominions
John Evelyn could be described as the Father of Farm Forestry, since following publication of Sylva, millions of trees were planted in England.

We plant mainly the following Hardwood Forestry Species

We use farm forestry to achieve the following private and community benefits:

  1. Improve Landscape - Woodlands soften the harsh appearance, particularly in summer
  2. Provide shelter for livestock and broadacre crops
  3. Grow Timber for sawlogs, posts and firewood over several rotations
  4. Restore land degraded by erosion and salinity to agricultural production
  5. Reduce Water Table to allow stock palatable grasses to grow
  6. Improve Biodiversity - birds, kangaroos
  7. Sequester carbon: We are not merely Carbon Neutral, we can be said to be Carbon Negative
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